Was awake

So like the title says I’m up for some reason. Just couldn’t really get to sleep so I was looking at stuff listening to some music when I came across this I think maybe again.

So I know it is easy in our stand to start feeling tired, to start thinking about all the negative that is going on. I urge you to focus on the good and the positive. I’m not saying that you can’t be hurt you can be because the situation is bad or you haven’t seen and spoken to your spouse in who knows how long. Just remember that forgiveness also let’s go. This if you are separated in my opinion is serving your spouse and the Lord. Letting go not holding onto a grudge that does nothing at all for your marriage or yourself.

So if you have started to just not care I suggest praying that God keeps your heart soft and loving towards your spouse because that is sometimes one of the only things we can give is a heart that won’t give up on them and keeps praying day in and day out for them.

God bless


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