The title may make you think I am going to be talking about the spouses of standers. I am not. What I want to look at is the fact that we standers were just as much a prodigal as our spouses. We may have come back to the Lord first but that doesn’t make us better that should make us more loving and understanding. It doesn’t take the hurt away but it should help encourage and strengthen us in our stand.

I say we were as much a prodigal because for the majority of us this betrayal that has happened has forced us to look at our relationship with the Lord. We have learned to actually trust in God and His word and His promises. And there it is we had to be broken to get there. I’m not sure it is something that would have happened otherwise. No God isn’t the author of the situation. Satan and our own hardness of heart and sin filled lives led to our current situation.

Now yes the breaking that has to occur applies to everyone. In this instance it applies to both spouses husband and wives. We have to trust and rely on God. The word is full of how important, how essential it is to trust in the Lord. And that isn’t a head faith it is an active faith.

Back to my main point. We standers had to be brought to a place where we repented of our own shortcomings. Stopped pointing fingers and assigning blame. We had to begin focusing fully on Jesus and His ways. We had to accept the Holy Spirit and allow Him room to work and change our hearts. We had to dig into scripture to learn His word. We had to learn how to stand, what to stand on, and what our responsibilities as spouses are.

All of us that are standing let’s keep in mind we have walked the road we are praying for our spouses to walk. Let’s not forget that we had to walk it. Remember that no one is perfect and that we all have fallen short of the glory of God. Stay humble and I prayer for your spouse and don’t give up. The Lord is not a liar and He has told us that He answers the prayers of a righteous person. He never forsakes us nor abandons us. He lives inside of us so He is never gone. His love endures forever.

God bless all standers and prodigals.


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